Directors Life Insurance

If you are a director looking for life insurance then, believe it or not, Directors Life Insurance is ideal for you! 

It’s tax-efficient so it won’t put a dent in your bottom line, and ultimately the beneficiary will receive a lump sum of money upon the death of the insured director. The benefits may also include other expenses, such as, funeral expenses, depending on the provider. 

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What is directors life insurance?

Are you a company director and looking for life insurance? Then it’s vital you consider directors life insurance. Also known as relevant life insurance, it could provide the life insurance cover you need but at a much lower cost. And have other important benefits too.

So, to find out more about what life insurance for company directors is, how it works and how The Mortgage Factory can help you, talk to our insurance specialists today!

What is relevant life insurance?

Relevant life insurance is a tax-efficient way to provide life insurance cover for you and your fellow directors. You can also opt to cover employees too.

With a standard life insurance policy, you usually pay your premiums out of your taxed income. But with life insurance for company directors, premiums are paid by your limited company and can be written off as a business expense. This can result in significant savings.

Why do I need directors life insurance?

This type of insurance is designed to protect the people who make your life what it is, once you are no longer around. This may be your family, partner or other dependents like business partners.

In the case of your household, if you’re the main breadwinner, losing your income could have serious financial consequences for your family. This could include your family falling behind on mortgage payments or even having to sell the family home.

But by having a life insurance policy in place, it will offer your family a financial safety net. And ensure peace of mind too.

What are the benefits?

Relevant life policies have many other benefits to both employers and employees too. For example:

  • It is not considered a benefit in kind for employees.
  • The benefits provided by these policies don’t count towards your pension lifetime allowance.
  • In the majority of cases inheritance tax isn’t payable on sums paid out as the cover is written in trust.


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